Coming soon! Group Therapy programming is coming to Northland Adventure.  Contact us  for scheduling.

Mental health is a vital part of one's wellbeing.  For this reason Northland Adventure provides on-going mental health services to our clients.

Group Therapy                               $160 per 6 sessions*

At Northland Adventure we specialize in "Adventure Therapy" which we define as the use of intentional kinesthetic, affective, and cognitive shared experiences that foster relationships and promote personal growth and change.  We draw upon the traditional orientations of psychodynamic, humanistic, behavioral, and cognitive theories and interventions to inform our practice.    

Group Therapy sessions are held in a traditional office setting and are primarily based upon the humanistic orientation of existentialism.  Existential therapy focuses on subjects related to freedom, responsibility, isolation, loss and hope.  This orientation addresses key issues we all face through life's struggles providing a foundation for resolving these issues.  Additionally, Group therapy provides a supportive structure that helps individuals build relationships with multiple people. 

At the completion of 6 sessions, clients are given the option to participate in a two-day therapeutic retreat held in a wilderness setting.  


All therapeutic staff members have undergone professional training in a masters-level or higher clinical psychology degree program and are supervised by a State of Vermont licensed psychologist. 
(* costs subject to change with notice)

The Process of Enrollment

Clients interested in joining our Group Therapy program are asked to participate in a confidential screening assessment to determine if this form of therapy is right for them.  Upon completion of the assessment clients will be scheduled into the next available group, or placed upon a wait-list until an opening presents, and/or be referred to another therapist for treatment. .   

Confidential inquires may be sent to:  

For more information on the practice of "Adventure Therapy" please visit the following links:

Therapuetic Adventure Professionals Group of the Association for Experiential Education

Naropa Univerisity

Outdoor Education Research & Evaluation Center

American Psychological Assoication, Division 49: Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy

Visit our Research section for even more information on the field of Adventure Therapy.

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