What's Happening...

We are in the midst of a major infastructure improvements and continuing our fundraising campaign.  So we are continuing to postpone all programs, until we are able to meet our infastructure and fundraising goals.  We thank everyone for your continued support throughout this process and expect to offer services again as soon as any one of these goals are met.  Please click our "donation" link above to contribute today.

We are fundraising for several projects...

- Our Main Office Facility and Indoor Classroom

- Our Summer Camp Program

- To Build an Outdoor Classroom for Year-Round Programming

- Our Lake Champlain Sailing Program: New Horizons!

- Group Programming for Veterans

- Group Programming for Substance Abuse Prevention

All inquires can be sent to Edward Spaulding, through our "contact us" link.

We have closed our office at 93 South Main Street, Suite 4, in Waterbury, Vermont.  Please contact us by email regarding any questions.
  Current Research Project: Theories of Adventure Therapy.
Reminder... Northland Adventure is accepting donations.  We are a 501c3 public charity and all donations are tax deductible.



Our Current Focus

Northland Adventure Education & Therapy Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization (501c3 approved) dedicated to furthering the fields of education, research, and mental health.

While continuing to pursue our infastructure and fundraising goals, we are also focusing on our research mission.  Exploring the neurobiology of Lyme disease, theories of adventure therapy, and the use of adapting programming for people with disabilities in our industry.  

If you would there are research projects in your community that you would like to suggest?  Then, please email us! 


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